SAP Plant Maintenance


Plant Maintenance is as an integral part of a company and has links to other Enterprise
areas, such as asset and financial accounting. You can take a couple of examples and
sensitize the participants to the integration aspects of Plant Maintenance as a part of
Product Lifecycle Management.The R/3 Plant Maintenance (PM) application component
provides you with a comprehensive software solution for all maintenance activities that
are performed within a company. The uniform, graphical user interface is particularly
user-friendly and quickly meets withacceptance, thanks to the numerous possibilities that
are available for tailoring it to meet individual requirements. The data and functions of
all maintenance procedures performed within a company can be fully interconnected. The
openness of the R/3 System enables you to use external systems that are integrated with
the PM component, such as geographical information systems (GIS),
computer-aided design (CAD) systems and supervisory control and data acquisition
(SCADA) systems


Executives, Officers and Managers are willing to use SAP PM or any team preparing
themselves for SAP Implementation in PM to learn PM Processes.


After Successful implementation of this course you will be
able to:

  • Identify the various activities performed in a Plant Maintenance process.
  • Identify Product Lifecycle Management and Asset Lifecycle Management
    With respect to Plant Maintenance.
  • List the organizational levels in a Plant Maintenance component
  •  Define maintenance work centers and their role and functions in Plant Maintenance
  • Identify the activities and settings for the implementation of application
    Components using the Implementation Guide (IMG)
  • Identify the various methods of connecting to an SAP R/3 Enterprise

Course Content

  • Organizational Unit
  • Master Data of SAP PM
  • Additional functions
  • Maintenance Processing overview
  • Maintenance Process
  • Reporting & Analysis Tools
  • Work Clearance Management


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