Recruitment & Selection

Acquiring new staff is not an easy target. An efficient and effective recruitment and selection process ensures the successful hiring of qualified and diverse resources who reflect your organization’s positive image and can contribute to its growth. Each step of the process should be monitored with care and your hiring managers should be well versed with the professional expertise to ensure a successful hire.

AGC provides complete Recruitment & Selection services for our valued clients so that they concentrate on their own business instead of going through an entangled process of hiring. Our HR Experts guides you through process and helps you find the right candidate. We help our clients create the job description according to their requirements and the market needs. This way it helps us to hire a perfect match for your needs.

Change Management

A change is, expanding or contracting the activities of your organization and rethinking the products and services. Most of the organizations becomes completely different even after 5 years through a change management process. And it is likely that in the next year or two organizations will not look as they do today.

In this context, your employees, especially the managers have to be able to introduce and manage change to ensure the organizational objectives of change are met, and with that they gain the commitment of their people, both during and after implementation. Often, at the same time, they also have to ensure that business continues as usual.

Seminars & Workshops

Our HR experts’ designs customized workshops and seminars tailored to your specific development requirements of your organizations. This helps in achieving your progressive objective. To fulfill the particular requirements of your organization, AGC exclusive in-house and on-site courses enables your organization to get the focus and controlled approach towards your organizational goals. Our team equip your employees with professional development and expertise, which aims to provide maximum value from the training.

AGC ensures that all the workshops are updated on a regular basis. The courses are developed with clear objectives and have specific outcomes which are aimed at providing valuable learning and producing tangible results. All training programs at AGC are delivered using modern learning methods and include: class-room lectures, role plays, exercises, case studies, group work and presentations

Training & Development

Experts at AGC train your Employees and leaders to develop required competency levels and skills to create competitive advantage, increase growth and drive business results. We offer training in different timings depending on the duration of the course and skill practice desired. Training is done at your facility to accommodate schedules and travel requirements for participants.

Employee training focuses on customer service, sales, teamwork and communications to gain critical compliance soft skills. Our professional training courses for leaders enables them in people management techniques providing them with knowledge, skills and best practice techniques to hire, retain, develop, lead, inspire, motivate and engage employee talent. Leaders are trained in how to deal with various people of different backgrounds, education levels, and psychological attributes so that they can cater to the management challenges or situations. All training sessions include needs assessment, training customization and facilitation.