Microsoft Business Intelligence


To access, configure, manage, and administer Analysis Services, Integration
Services,and Reporting Services, use SQL Server Management Studio. Although
all threebusiness intelligence technologies rely on SQL Server Management
Studio. SQL ServerBI 2012 training is designed to train IT professionals
and developers how to implementand manage their database solutions,
reporting, design dashboards, data analysis forbetter and faster business
decisions.The globally recognized standard for IT professionalsProve that
you have the skills andtechniques needed to design, build and deploy
solutions that deliver more data to morepeople across the organization.


Developers whose are new to SQL Server who want to learn the basics of SQL
server like Tables, View and Stored procedures


After Successful implementation of this course you will be able to:

  • Learn to Design and develop BI solution for your organization
  • Learn Self-Services BI
  • Certification preparation material for 467 and 466

Course Content

  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server AnalysisServices
  • Creating Multidimensional Analysis Solutions
  • Working with Cubes and Dimensions rganization
  • Working with Measures and Measure Groups
  • Querying Multidimensional Analysis Solutions
  • Customizing Cube Functionality in SQL ServerAnalysis Services
  • Creating a Multidimensional Solution in SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Securing and Deploying SQL Server Integration Services 2012 Packages
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Implementing Control Flow


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    • OLAP Modeling
    • SSAS in BIDS
    • Intermediate SSAS
    • Advanced SSAS
    • Cube Storage and Aggregation
    • Beginning MDX
    • Intermediate MDX
    • SSAS Administration
    • Data Mining
    • Reporting Clients


    • Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services
    • SSIS for DBAs: Using SQL Server Management Studio
    • Business Intelligence Development Studio
    • Introduction to Control Flow
    • Advanced Control Flow
    • Introduction to Data Flow
    • Variables and Configurations
    • Debugging, Error Handling and Logging
    • Advanced Data Flow
    • Extending SSIS through Custom Code
    • SSIS Package Deployment
    • SSIS Package Management


    • Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Creating Reports
    • Calculations and Formatting
    • Grouping and Sorting
    • Report Parameters
    • Creating Matrix Reports and Charts
    • Managing Reporting Services
    • Reporting Services Security
    • Programming Reporting Services
    • Advanced Reporting Services Programming
    • Snapshots and Subscriptions
    • Ad-Hoc Reporting with Report Builder