Business Application

Business Software Application is about bringing people and technology together to execute business processes. When businesses implement processes it is driven by the desire to change. This change involves people and sometimes the business culture in your organization. In order to successfully develop, change or re-engineer any new process, consideration to the people and culture must be recognized and managed, otherwise the success for system implementation and its benefits shall be difficult to achieve.

When bringing a new process online or redesigning or re-engineering an existing process, we are there to provide service in key areas ranging from the process analysis, re-designing, system implementation, change management and support services etc.

Payroll Software Solutions

Payroll software for Windows is the most complete solution for do-it-yourself payrolls, small businesses, accountants, and professional payroll services. Our software program delivers more value for less money, and includes high-end features like direct deposit, MICR encoding blank check stock, and handles unlimited companies and unlimited employees.

Run it as a stand-alone program, or post to most popular accounting systems. Keep using our updated features

  • Flexible solutions designed to meet the payroll needs of your business
  • Always up to date with the latest legislation
  • Keep an up to date record of all your employees
  • Automatically calculates tax, NI and statutory deductions
  • Create payslips and P60s for your employees
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • A choice of support packages to suit the needs of your business

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